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Gameology Inc.'s Game Rack + Board Game Pack Review

Updated: May 23, 2022

Gameology Inc.'s new Game Rack is a versatile addition to any board gamer's shelf. Being able to transform into a card rack, a stand for game pieces, and even a dice tower; the Game Rack is truly the ultimate accessory.

A row of cards on stand at the top, a hexagonal ring with dice, and the ring laid flat with the box shaped into a dice tower.
From top to right: The Game Rack: A card rack, a stand for game pieces, and a dice tower!
Coming along with that are three wonderful games: Dragon Stripes, Ada's Library, and Mino Dice. Each game is crafted to fit the Game Rack. First of all, I'll be breaking down the Game Rack itself.

Six interlocking pieces form the Game Rack. Don't let this simplicity fool you, apart from their aforementioned uses, the base of the Game Rack comes with an EVA foam layer to prevent it from sliding about. It is easy to remove and comes with a portable bag, making those on-the-go sessions all the more fun!

Red stripes with spikes and with text in the middle saying "Dragon Stripes"
Oh how sharp your spikes are, dragon...
Within the game Dragon Stripes by designer Alex Randolph, one plays as a knight attempting to loot the riches of a sleeping dragon.

Beware: the game ends when one draws a danger card, so one has to be very cautious when exploring. Reaching the dragon's head ends the game. Drawing three danger cards also has the effect, so be careful! This push your luck dice game will have you choosing between relative safety and little riches, or you could go all out and see how far you'd go. Make sure you don't get burnt!

A knight meeple is advancing along a numbered dragon's spine.
How far can you go?

I personally find Dragon Stripes to be an interesting game, as someone who enjoys pushing their luck, this is the perfect game for me. This breaks down a simple quest to obtain treasure and turns it into a nail-biting game, where one does not know when one will be burnt to cinders.

A woman holding onto a stack of books with a black cat sitting atop a pile of books as a library looms in the background of the box. In the right foreground, the Game Rack has several coloured cards on it.
A bookworm's dream.

From couple Zach and Amanda Greenvoss comes the game Ada's Library, a tile matching game that requires players to draw cards that will allow them to rearrange their random 10-card setup. One has to be quick to match one's books to the set pattern before your opponent get there first. Cards drawn allow players to move according to the set number of spaces, switching cards around, and so much more!

A board game setup of Ada's Library. A box, cards, a bad, a deck of cards, several scattered cards by the bag, and two opposing Game Racks with cards.
Ada's Library — Look how colourful everything is!
Ada's Library appeals to the bookworm in all of us. You know, the one who arranges everything in a certain order (you know who you are).

The cards provide room to maneuver the right books, and knowing when to strike is important. One needs to know when to play a card, and when to discard it. Definitely my favourite out of the three games.

The Game Rack with several dice and screens to the left, with the Mino Dice box and dice bag on the right.
Battle Start!

Manfred Reindl's Mino Dice is the third addition to the Game Rack pack, and has players trying to predict the designated outcome of a match against the legendary Minotaur.

Players draw dice and arrange them against the pecking order, but the weakest monster in the lineup can beat the Minotaur.

Use deduction and probability analysis to figure out your best bet.

A sheet with the words "Mino Dice" printed at the top and a grid below.
Who's going to win this round?

Mino Dice is a game that got me revving up my brain, and playing against equally skilled players means that I have to be constantly on the move. Predicting outcomes became slightly easier after each round, and the moment the game ended we felt as though a marathon had been run.

All in all, Gameology Inc.'s Game Rack and its accompanying game packs are a bundle of pure gaming joy.

If you'd like to get your hands on some of these Kickstarter-exclusive goods, drop by their Kickstarter page.

You can get the Game Rack on its own, with a bundle, or if you're a real adventurer, the Kickstarter Party Pack that you can share with friends.

Get ready to Game On!

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