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4 New Origame Games at ABGF 2023!!!!

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

2023 saw the release of Oh My. Orchids! and Buffet Boss, both already Origame fan favourites. Oh My. Orchids! was nominated for Best Card Game at UKGE and loved for its simple yet satisfying gameplay, and the colourful and intuitive Buffet Boss has been selling out around the world at conventions such as Essen Spiel, PAX Australia and gamescom asia.

Actually, that was just a warmup! 2023 will see 3 more Origame releases (4 if you count The Secret Flower), and we're excited about every single one of them. Pro Tip: you will be able to test-play and purchase all of them at the Asian Board Games Festival!

First up, a tribute for all of you who lived through the 90s and early 00s. Which beloved all-Singaporean comic book character has its own sitcom, McDonald's burger, AND NOW its very own card game?

In Shop Until You Drop, play as your favourite Mr Kiasu characters as you navigate the Big Singapore Sale. Grab the best deals while making sure that your bags are not too full - because one shopper will definitely shop until they DROP!

A challenging push-your-luck strategy game with echoes of Rummikub, Shop Until You Drop is great fun and guaranteed laughter for the whole family. Only 100 copies will be available for sale at ABGF, and Johnny Lau, the creator of Mr Kiasu, will come down for an autograph session on the 25th! Meet a real-life Mr Kiasu in person on the 26th, and stand to win complete Mr Kiasu comic book sets in the ABGF Lucky Dip.

Game Number 2 is also a collaboration, but with an even older company. Did you know that Eu Yan Sang was founded almost 150 years ago?

Master Sinseh is a card game in which you are sinsehs, practitioners of the art of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Equipped with a library of herbs, you need to prescribe herbs tactically and strategically to each patient, hoping to pry them away from the other sinsehs! Along the way, learn about many different commonly used Chinese herbs and their real life powers - the game was developed together with an expert Eu Yan Sang physician to be as true to life as possible. Master Sinseh is a game for both young and old - play with the older generation if you want tips on how they use Chinese herbs!

Eu Yan Sang is also a proud sponsor of ABGF 2023 and are generously providing prizes for participants, so if you participate in the lucky dip you may end up going home with herbs that you can find in the game!

Game Number 3 is also about Chinese culture - specifically Chinese Singaporean culture - and is a large part of our lives January to February every year:

Everything is Tossible in Huat's Up, a game in which you will need to quickly assemble your all 8 (of course) ingredients in your Yu Sheng. Using your trusty 'chopsticks', physically flip cards over to get them to your colour, and rush to get them onto your plate before the other players. Don't forget to yell the auspicious greetings!

If you liked Kopi King because of its fast and furious gameplay, you'll absolutely need to try Huat's Up! . Pick up a copy before February 10 rolls around to enjoy the game together with friends and family!

If you are a fan of co-operative and/or deduction games, you'll definitely need to try Game Number 4:

The Secret Flower is a game that can't currently be purchased, but can absolutely be obtained at ABGF 2023 just by collecting 5 stamps on your passport. Based on the flora of all the 13 different countries that are participating in ABGF, The Secret Flower is a 16 card game that punches WAY above its small size. Every game is a new puzzle, and all players will need to work together to figure out the secret flower through clever questions. A unique blend of co-op and deduction - there is no other game like it!

Don't miss out on this game exclusive to ABGF 2023, happening 24-26 November at Fusionopolis in 3 locations. You can catch non-stop demos of Shop Until You Drop, Master Sinseh and Huat's Up at ABGF 2023 at the Meeting Point venue.

These are only 4 of hundreds of games available for play and purchase at ABGF 2023, so start making plans with friends and family to come say hi to the game makers flying in from all over Asia. See you at ABGF 2023!


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