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Origame designs, publishes, and champions Modern Asian Board Games.


We collaborate with creative Asian talent to create fun and beautiful board games that tell stories about  our Asian culture and heritage.


Play our games to experience a new side of Singapore!


Daryl Chow, PhD is a globally acclaimed and award-winning board game designer with extensive international experience, having designed games for companies worldwide. 

Some of his notable works include Overbooked (Jumbo, Netherlands), The Artemis Project (Grand Gamers Guild, USA), Remember Our Trip (Saashi and Saashi, Japan and dlp, Germany) and Plantopia (Origame, Singapore).

Daryl loves collaborations and designs with the purpose of spreading happiness and culture. The games produced through Origame are the closest to his heart.


Nick Pang is the independent publisher of the Smol Tok card game, a social tool for community-building and small group facilitation popular among youth and young adults, educators, and trainers.
Nick also works on corporate and government commissions to design customised tools, and is expanding its services into designing community and relationship-building experiences.

His brand clinched Gold in the corporate category at the Singapore Design Awards 2018/19.

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