Origame publishes modern Asian board games to showcase the best of Asian cultures, cuisines, and talents. We believe board games have the power to build relationships and communities.

With distribution and retail partnerships in Taiwan, Korea. and Japan, Origame aims to build an Asian community of board game designers, social innovators, and artists to distil and re-define the concept of Asian-style board games.

Origame is actively engaged in fostering the board game community and culture in Singapore and beyond. We offer customised design services to communities as well as corporate and governmental organisations.

Daryl Chow, PhD is a globally acclaimed and award-winning board game designer with extensive international experience and networks in the board game industry.


In 2018, he launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns which propelled the launch of The Artemis Project, that reached over USD $120,000 in funding, and Overbooked, which has been licensed for over 30,000 copies to be sold worldwide.

Daryl is the leader of Singapore’s largest board game community of more than 5,000 members and founded the Singapore Game Makers, a design collective spearheading Singaporean board game design. Check out his new Meet Up Play to. Gather.


Nick Pang is the independent publisher of the Smol Tok card game, a social tool for community-building and small group facilitation popular among youth and young adults, educators, and trainers.


Launched in 2015, Smol Tok has sold more than 8,000 copies in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Nick also works on corporate and government commissions to design customised tools, and is expanding its services into designing community and relationship-building experiences.

His brand clinched Gold in the corporate category at the Singapore Design Awards 2018/19.


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