Reef Rescue

The seas are teeming with life of all  shapes and colours. How much do you know about the sea kingdoms that lie below us? What if one day, they need to be rescued from the insidious surface creatures who dump their garbage into their living space?

In Reef Rescue, you take on the role of Ocean Rangers trying to rescue creatures, both big and small, from the sea. But beware, even you aren’t immune to the garbage patches that are destroying their marine habitat!

JUN 2020

Reef Rescue is a fish-finding, tile-switching, push-your-luck board game designed

by Daryl Chow.

sub big.png

As an Ocean Ranger, you explore the seas using an array of devices attached to your sub.

Sea creatures big and small come in a rainbow of colours.

Rare, unique, and endangered sea creatures come in a splash of colours.

But beware the garbage patches that are dangerous to both humans and sea creatures.

What's In The Box:

  • 40 Ocean tiles

  • 10 Exploration tiles

  • 1 Rulebook

nautilus wallpaper

Reef Rescue features vivid seascapes by Indonesian diver and illustrator @ashionglee