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Plantopia is a strategy card game where players harness their gardening abilities to contend for the coveted title of Plantopia’s Champion Gardener.

Manage a garden of unbe-LEAF-ably cute and quirky plants, and maximise their potential to grow the craziest garden on the planet!

Plantopia is now live on Kickstarter. Get the early bud special and back us! 

Plantopia is a garden-growing, plant-punning game by Life of a Potato and Daryl Chow

Plant and grow your garden with flowers, cacti, or trees

Influence the weather to help your plants growth faster


The player whose garden generates the most magical leaves wins!

What's In The Box:

  • 90 Plant cards

  • 20 Planter cards

  • 5 Player aid cards

  • 15 Weather cards

  • 6 Weather cards (bonus)

  • 1 Rulebook

Plantopia features the artwork and characters from Life of a Potato @daylightpotato

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