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By popular demand, we bring you the Garden City Seed Pack! It contains 28 country-themed puns-and-plants to grow in Plantopia! Originally available only in the Kickstarter version of Plantopia, you can now add these plants to your garden!


What's In The Seed Pack:

  • 2 Singaspore

  • 2 Dandemerlion

  • 2 Marina Bay Leaf

  • 2 StarChew of LeafbearTree

  • 2 Canadian Maple

  • 2 Toadstool in the Hole

  • 2 Kangerule Grass

  • 2 Eiffel Flower

  • 2 Dutch Champignon

  • 2 Picactusso

  • 2 German Empress

  • 2 Mango StickTree Rice

  • 2 Leafing Flower of Funghi Pizza

  • 2 Sakura Skytree

  • 2 sticker sheets

  • 3 quick reference cards


Download the free Print and Play addition, Ukraine Sunflower


Please note that this seed pack does not include the base version of Plantopia. 


Singapore buyers may also choose to pay via Paynow. Please refer to the Peer-to-Peer Payment section for details.

Plantopia: Garden City Seed Pack

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