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Proudly organised by Origame, the Play Play Fair (PPF) is Singapore's largest board game fair with a special focus on board games designed and/or published by Singaporeans.

  • If you're curious to try Singaporean board games, or board games in general, this fair is for you.

  • If you want to buy or sell pre-loved board games at the Bazaar, this fair is for you.

  • If you're between 6 to 100 and love to have fun, this fair is for you!



The Play Play Fair is happening on Sat-Sun, 24-25 Jun 2023, @ Fusionopolis, Singapore, from 10am-7pm. 

  • Public transport: Stop at one-north MRT station (CC23) and take the escalator up to level 1

  • Driving: Sat & Sun, $1.00/entry from 7am to 7am the following day



PPF 2023 will host:

  • 35 tables of play, including tables for both open gaming and demos

  • The latest games from designers and publishers in Singapore

  • Fan favourites from Asia and the West

  • Jumbo games for children and parents to play together

  • Kopi King tournament for children and adults featuring attractive prizes from Ya Kun

  • Meet your favourite local designers and publishers in-person

  • Limited board game bundles and great discounts


PPF 2023 welcomes players of all ages and experience levels. Come alone or with your friends and family to partake in the joy of playing board games! 


Registration is not compulsory but highly recommended. Registration is free and will give you access to discounts and rewards as you go around the festival. More details soon. 



  1. Read the rules of the Board Game Bazaar here

  2. Select the games you want to list and sell on the Bazaar

  3. Label the games clearly with the price and your name and phone number for PayNow

  4. Visit the Bazaar Listings on the Forum and list your games with the same information as step 3

  5. Display your games on the Bazaar shelves on Sat, 24 Jun, by 12pm

  6. Collect your unsold games from the Bazaar shelves by the end of the Play Play Fair on Sun, 25 Jun, 7pm



  1. If you see a game you would like to buy on the shelf or the Bazaar Listings, use PayNow to transfer payment to the seller and verify that payment has been made

  2. Take the game away from the shelf and give it a good home


Adult's Kopi King Tournament

Saturday, 24 June


The winner will receive $88 worth of app credits sponsored by Ya Kun!

Children's Kopi King Tournament

Sunday, 25 June


The winner will receive a copy of Alphabeasts Attack!, Reef Rescue, and $30 worth of app credits sponsored by Ya Kun!


Capital Gains Studio is a Singapore-based game design and development studio on a mission to inspire learning through simple yet seriously fun ways. We also publish light family games under Mercat games, with a focus on creating memorable experiences for families and friends.

Centerfire Hobbies produces an assortment of resin-cast models ranging from 1/12 scale action figure accessories to tabletop wargames and accessories.

Centlus actively bridges Asian Publishers and Malaysia, alongside various collaborations with the general public and local government. Centlus, Fun, Games and More!

Good Spirit Games is an indie game studio founded by Geoffrey Chia in Singapore with a vision to expand the tabletop gaming culture. Dedicated to creating fun with human interaction, Geoffrey’s first published game under the studio is ‘Contraband Insider’.

Immerse yourself in the world of Of Heaven & Hell as you join hundreds of players around the world in trading card game generations. Enjoy collecting powerful cards, building and customizing your own decks and test your skills against other players in battles. Join the new era of trading card gaming with Of Heaven & Hell Generations!

Origame designs, publishes, and champions Modern Asian Board Games. We collaborate with creative Asian talent to create fun and beautiful board games that tell stories about our Asian culture and heritage. Play our games to experience a new side of Singapore!

We are on a mission to democratize Computer Science by making it accessible to anyone - without any computers. With our games, we are able to accelerate learning of Computer Science through play. Learning coding and cybersecurity does not have to be difficult and boring. Just play Potato Pirates!


Your favorite board game cafe. A cozy convenient space for everyone to enjoy board games!

Geekster is a personable board game store that embraces its online presence. They prioritize creating a warm and friendly environment for board game enthusiasts, even in the digital realm. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated gamer, Geekster provides a diverse selection of board games that will satisfy your craving for tabletop fun.

Join our vibrant, inclusive boardgame community. Connect through shared passion, regardless of age or experience. Enjoy casual or themed game nights. Embrace open dialogue and diverse perspectives from members of varied backgrounds. Create lasting connections and organize events. #laiplayleow bridges friendships, fostering camaraderie and belonging.


If you would like to exhibit or sponsor any aspect of the Play Play Fair, email us at to introduce yourself and find out how.

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