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Arachnoir is a thrilling roll-and-draw puzzle game. As private investi-spiders, stake out the dark and damp crannies of Basin Quarter to capture as many pests from The Hive. String them up in your crafty webs and fight the infestation!

Ages 10+  |  ~40 mins  |  2-6 players

Arachnoir is an insect trapping roll-and-draw puzzle game designed by Daniel Lee and Daryl Chow.


A crime wave is sweeping the Basin Quarter.


Criminal elements from The Hive are muscling in and infesting your town. 


You play as private investi-spiders staking out the dark and damp crannies of Basin Quarter to shut down the local syndicate. Weave your web and capture as many pests as possible.

While you're on the beat, earn a bonus by solving open Case Files. 


Arachnoir is available as a physical copy or as a print-and-play

What's In The File:

  • 1 Rookie map

  • 1 Veteran map

  • 1 Movement sheet

  • 6 Visualizing aids

  • 6 Quick reference cards

  • 6 Spider cut-outs

  • 8 Case cards

  • 1 Rulebook

Arachnoir is downloadable and printable on any black and white printer in Letter or A4 size. 


What's In The Box:

  • 1 Movement Sheet

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Black die

  • 2 White die

  • 8 Case cards

  • 6 Dry erase markers

  • 6 Spider playing pieces

  • 6 Player sheets

  • 6 Player aid cards


Arachnoir features the gritty artwork of Singaporean illustrator @marcurons

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28 March 2022



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