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Ages 10+. 15-20 minutes playtime. 2-6 players.


A slightly unusual bowling alley is open! Its name is Wonder Bowling. Don't roll the ball here, bang the lane! and hit. Of course, the pins are knocked over, but the important thing is the remaining pins. Because if you kill all of them, it's a penalty, and if you leave only one, it's a strike! The secret to victory is control of the ball stick, neither too strong nor too weak! No bowling experience required! It's an action game that will make you laugh!


Wonder Bowling is a bowling game with a difference. The ball doesn't roll, it hits the lane and knocks down the pins with vibration. The important thing is not "the number of knocked down pins" but "the number of standing pins without falling down". "Strike!" Participants take turns hitting lanes and aim to be the first to clear all their goals.


Published by Itten, Japan.

Designed by Susumu Kawasaki. 

Illustrated by Yoshiaki Tomioka.


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Wonder Bowling

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