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Ages 9+. 30 minutes playtime. 2-5 players.


Rely on your Rival


A bay full of huge whales and orcas, and quite popular among whale-watching tourists, is becoming overrun with tour companies. The whales on the other hand, seem to be enjoying themselves, sometimes showing up, sometimes not...


As one of these tour companies, you must decide where to send out your boat! If you dilly-dally too long, one of the rival companies will pass by, but sometimes when your own investigation isn't enough, you might need to follow a rival company!


What's inside:

  • 27 Diamond-shaped cards
  • 15 Boats
  • 25 Investigation markers
  • 1 Whale token
  • 1 Orca token
  • 65 Chips
  • 1 Game Manual (EN/DE/FR/ES)


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Whale to Look

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