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Ages 10+. 10-20 minutes playtime. 2 players.


Six four-sided towers are placed on the board, and for each tower, a player can see only two of the four sides. More importantly, each player sees the two sides that their opponent does not, and the sides of each tower are colored either yellow or black.


Only six different combinations of yellow and black are possible — all sides yellow, three sides yellow, two opposite or adjacent sides yellow, one side yellow, and zero sides yellow — and players try to collect as many yellow sides as possible.


To do this, they place colored blocks on the towers, serving as both bluffing devices and ways to claim towers, and at the end of the round, each player claims two towers.


Published by Itten, Japan.

Designed by Susumu Kawasaki. 

Illustrated by Susumu Kawasaki.


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Tower of Doubt

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