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Ages 10+. 15-30 minutes playtime. 2 players.


In 1867, the last feudal Japanese military government, Edo bakufu, returned the governing power back to Emperor Meiji. However, Oniwaban, a group of undercover spies, was still being employed by the military government, secretly protecting the Shogun and collecting valuable intelligence. They disguised their appearances, and formed their headquarters near the famous street in Kyoto, Hanamikoji. In 1878, with the help of several skilled female agents, Oniwaban assassinated the secretary of state at the time, posing a serious threat to the Meiji government.


Frustrated by the existence of Oniwaban, the Meiji government fought back bycreating an intelligence agency of their own. Combining government funding with the advanced technology of the Western Industrial Revolution, such as electrical stun weapons, missile defense systems, and covert wireless listening devices, turned the tide of the game heavily crippling the Oniwaban.


The fight lasted for several decades until the economic depression Japan suffered after World War I in 1927. Instability grew and the Oniwaban was more active than ever. After months of secret investigation, the key file responsible for all the advanced technology was finally uncovered. At the same time, the location of Oniwaban’s headquarters was also discovered by the government.


Each side having learned of the intelligence possessed by the other has brought the conflict to a conclusion, but who will win? Only you can decide…


Shadows in Kyoto is set in the same universe as the bestselling game Hanamikoji. With beautiful artwork featuring the same fictional history, with easy to learn rules, this is a 2-player game with lots of variants. By utilising the various leader charismas, your agents can unexpectedly break the opponent’s blockade. Strategise and set traps; attack when unexpected!


Each player has different experience with gaming, we designed 3 difficultly levels, even first time strategy game players can enjoy this game, and develop a passion for strategy game as well.


What's in the box:

  • 1 area board

  • 50 location cards

  • 16 tactic cards

  • 7 charisma cards

  • 6 equipment cards

  • 12 agent tokens


Published by Emperor S4, Taiwan.

Designed by Wei Min Ling.

Illustrated by Maisherly Chan.


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Shadows in Kyoto

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