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Ages 8+. 10-30 minutes playtime. 5-50 players.


Serial Killer 2nd Edition is a 4-50 players bluffing and hidden role game. During the Victorian era, surrounded by crime and suspicion, the citizens and police must find and arrest the killers before the blood of the innocents is spilled everywhere in the city.


When the game begins, the Serial Killer can "kill" other people by secretly sending the signal (eg. touching, nudging, winking etc.) Whenever a player receives the signal, he/she must "die" and be eliminated from the game. However, if the Police is eliminated, it's time to find the Serial Killer(s)! The remaining players must discuss and vote for elimination. The Citizen team wins when all Serial Killers are eliminated. The Criminal team wins when the number of Serial Killer(s) equals to half of the remaining players, or all Police and Detectives are eliminated.


Published by Wise Box.

Designed by Songsit Phraephet.

Illustrated by Tan-staR.


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Serial Killer

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