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Ages 8+. 15-20 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


When you wake up, you find yourself summoned to the world of Madora - the Moon Cat Village. You have to lead the Mandoras to recruit heroes, construct buildings, protect the village from the attack of enemies, and bring peace back to the world!


In this game, players take turns to draw cards from one of their opponents until they choose to stop or get busted! Some of the Mandora cards help you reduce the risk, while others force you to keep drawing to win big or lose big. Compete with your fellow players to collect resources to complete the missions. Don't be too greedy, or you might end your turn empty-handed!


Read English rules.


Published by Homosapiens Lab, Taiwan.

Designed by Chih-Fan Chen.

Illustrated by Rayark, Inc.


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Mandora Fever

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