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Ages 14+. 15-30 minutes playtime. 2-99 players.


#inconversible: Dawn Erasing You is a collaborative reasoning game.

One player takes the role of the main character with a social media account but all players have the same goal.


The main character who just broke up with his/her lover is trying to delete a photo album containing memories. He/she deletes it by leaving a hashtag, without erasing the most precious memory.


Other players follow the hashtag left by the main character, and flip picture tiles that are the most distant from the feeling the hashtag describes. If the last picture tile left is the most precious memory, everyone wins. If the most precious memory is selected, everyone loses immediately. 


Leave only one precious memory.




What's in the box:

  • Picture tiles
  • Hashtag tiles 
  • 1 Drawstring bag


Published by Underdog Games, Korea.

Designed by KIMKUN. 

Illustrated by Jop Dong Sa Ni.


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#inconversible: Dawn Erasing You | #인컨버서블: 너를 지우는 새벽

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