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Ages 8+. 5-15 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


Bonfire Party is a cooperative game where players aim to make the biggest bonfire possible. At the call of "Bonfire Party!" everyone places matches of their choice from their hand. The fire is successfully ignited if the number of matches of the same colour matches the target number of the stage.


Start with stage 1 and aim to clear stage 5. Guess each other's hand and unite your feelings for the brightest glow of the flame. Once you have made it to the largest flame, try to extinguish it by aiming for 1 again.

Video 2 - Itten, Funbrick Series


What's in the box:

  • 20 red matches
  • 20 blue matches
  • 1 flame base
  • 5 flame pieces
  • 2 rulesheets (English and Japanese)


Published by Itten, Japan.

Designed by Tomio Kayoshiaki.


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Bonfire Party | みんなのファイヤー

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