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Produced by LUMA and Arts-ED

A board game inspired by local market culture in Malaysia 

Ages 10+. 30-50 minutes playtime. 1-5 players.


Bansan (萬山, meaning ‘local wet market’ in the Northern Peninsular Hokkien dialect) is a board game inspired by the multisensory experience of a bustling Malaysian market.


Players become market vendors who juggle multiple roles—deal with wholesalers and customers, buy and sell ingredients, cook and serve authentic Malaysian food—“bao ka liao”! Navigate the intricate relationships of a local market as you interact with fellow vendors, customers, wholesalers, and municipal council officers.


Taste the chaos and excitement of a pasar as festivals, government policies, and other events come into play!






What's inside:

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Bansan Token

  • 3 Waste Bin tiles

  • 5 Shopping Bags

  • 5 Wallet Screens

  • 6 Player Aid Cards

  • 12 Market Stalls

  • 15 Worker Meeples

  • 40 Event Cards

  • 54 Shopping List Cards

  • 84 Money Tokens

  • 88 Produce Cards


Game design by Goh Choon Ean with a solo mode by Evan Cheah. 
Art direction and illustration by Charis Loke. 
Production design by Law Hwa Siang. 
Content research by Ooi Win Wen and Chen Yoke Pin.
Marketing and publicity by Stephanie Kee. 
Co-produced by Chen Yoke Pin and Goh Choon Ean. 


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