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Ages 6+. 10-20 minutes playtime. 3-6 players.


It's an action party game where everyone shouts and exchanges hands. Since you are all babies, you can only speak the six types of baby words written on the cards, such as "Ogya" and "Manma," plus "Babu Babu."


Everyone searches for people who meet the conditions while saying "card I want", "card I want to give" or "babu babu" in real time. You will score points by aligning 5 cards in your hand and taking the central red chip (2 points). If someone takes a chip, the other person can take the remaining white chip (1 point) even if their hand is not complete. Those who fail to do so will not receive any points. 


During the game, people were saying the baby words written on the cards, people were babbling, and it was literally a panic situation. It's an interesting game that you don't notice right away when you're running out of chips because you're desperately trying to replace them. It's also fun to watch them play from outside. The more people there, the more exciting it will be.


Published by Mousou Games (妄想ゲームズ☆), Japan.

Designed by Hiro (H1R0). 


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Babu Babu Panic [バブバブパニック]

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