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Ages 12+. 20-30 minutes playtime. 2 players.


It is said that in the parallel universe, there is a different world in which human beings and nature can co-exist peacefully. The God of Nature provides abundant resources year after year, and the grace from nature spreads to the ground through the running rivers.

People view the resources in the river as "Nature's Bounty". People move along the river with alpacas to collect enough resources, ideally returning to the village with enough resources to start a prosperous year.


In 12 Rivers, players lead one of four tribes and take turns sending warriors to climb the mountain. The warriors camp near the river to collect Nature's bounties and bring these resources to villagers in need. Warriors can collect more valuable bounties if they move toward the origin of the river, but more camp tools have to be paid as well. After five rounds, the bounties to the villagers will be scored for players based on the rarity.


Read English rules.


Published by BGNations, Taiwan.

Designed by Romain Caterdjian.

Illustrated by Dofinn.


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12 Rivers

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