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Ages 8+. 15-20 minutes playtime. 1-6 players.


Cat Sudoku is a roll and write sudoku game. Players take turns to roll four dice and all players simultaneously write the numbers on their sudoku puzzle papers. Similar to traditional Sudoku, players should avoid putting the same number into the same row or column in their puzzle, or they will get penalties! But there's more! Pay attention to the diagonal spaces to stay out of trouble! The game ends when players fill in all the spaces in the puzzle. The player with the highest points wins the game.


Cat Sudoku comes with 4 different sudoku puzzles (themed with 4 seasons of Kyoto) at 3 dufficulty levels for you to enjoy the game with various gaming groups.



Cat Sudoku on BGG

Download English rules 

Download French rules

Download Mandarin rules



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Cat Sudoku

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