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Ages 10+. 15-30 minutes playtime. 3-6 players.


The current Death God Realm is controlled by the Clown Faction. They rule over the gods of death with high pressure and forcefully exile dissidents. The exiled Death Gods were unwilling to accept it, so they gathered in secret, intending to regain control of the Death God Realm through a mysterious sacrificial ceremony.


However, the ritual gathering place has long been infiltrated by the clown faction. Not only has the order of the sacrifices been disrupted, but even the true identity of the sacrifices cannot be identified! Seeing that they were about to miss the opportunity to activate the ritual, the exiles had no choice but to fight to the death with the clown...


Vita Mors Conspiro is a camp scheming game. Players will play the role of "Exile" or "Joker" and achieve victory through "Sacrifice" and "Activate Ritual". There is a lot of information in the game that is hidden, but there are also many links that require voting. Therefore, players can speak freely at any time and obtain information through discussion, negotiation, or speaking skills to help their own camp reason and vote strategically.


Of course, players can also choose not to disclose information, or provide wrong information, and use the information gap to create an advantage for their own camp.


Published by Play With Us Design, Taiwan.

Designed by Shi Chen. 

Illustrated by Yawen Jheng.


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Vita Mors Conspiro

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