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Ages 8+. 30-45 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


UBike Tour: Taiwan is a light-hearted card game for 2-4 players to plan their travel in North Taiwan with the convenient public bike system: UBike. It's a delightful mixture of "push your luck" and "tableau building" where you also get to visit some beautiful sceneic spots in Taiwan.


In this game, players will take turns to either:

  • Reveal 2 cards from the deck and place them one by one into 1 of the 5 rows according the the ascending card value;
  • Choose one of the remaining rows and take all the cards in hand, and play at most 1 card into their personal journey with the help of their bike cards.


Once someone has completed their journey of 9 cards, the game will end and players will score points based on the achievement in their journey. Finding the right time to collect the cards you want is key to becoming a travel master!



  • 80 Scenery cards
  • 25 Opportunity cards
  • 12 Storage cards
  • 18 Bike markers
  • 4 Action markers
  • 1 Start player marker
  • 4 Player aid cards
  • 4 Scoring cards
  • 4 Scoring cubes


UBike Tours: Taiwan on BGG

Download English rules

Download Korean rules

Download Japanese rules



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UBike Tours: Taiwan

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