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Ages 8+. 45 minutes playtime. 2-7 players.


An expedition was organised to explore the ancient Mayan city Nakbe for searching hidden treasures. Looking for the treasure, the expedition arrived in the middle of the temple. However, their arrival woke up the god Ekchua who was resting there. Everyone must take flight whilst trying to grab many treasures! Roll dice and move your expedition member.


When an expedition member arrives on a space with treasures, the player who moved the expedition member will get the treasure. But hide which member you are. If you don't hide which member who you are, your member will be the first to face the fury of the god. Move wisely to get treasures and runaway from the Ekchua!


Published by Mandoo Games, Korea.

Designed by Reiner Knizia. 

Illustrated by Jyujin Ohtsubo.


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Treasures of Nakbe

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