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Ages 8+. 15 minutes playtime. 2-6 players.


Bananas grow on a banana tree. Stack the banana sticks on the board. If you succeed in stacking the other two sticks, you can place one more stick. Stack all your sticks first to win.


How to play:

  1. All players share the banana sticks equally.

  2. You may place 1 stick on your turn. You can place it right on the board or on 2 sticks that are already placed and not supporting another stick.

  3. If you successfully land on the other 2 sticks, you can do one more. The two sticks below it are now used, and no additional sticks can be placed on top of them. If the conditions are right, you can raise the stick continuously to the 3rd and 4th levels. 

  4. The player who gets all of their sticks off the board wins.




What's in the box:

  • 1 L board
  • 36 banana sticks 
  • 3 banana leaves

Published by Playte, Korea.

Designed by Philippe Proux, Junghee Choi. 

Illustrated by Wanjin Gill.


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Tasso Banana | 타쏘 바나나

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