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Ages 10+. 30 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


Take The “A” Chord (2nd edition) is a jazz-themed trick-taking game. Players, as jazz musicians, demonstrate their musical skills on stage. In this competition through jazz music performance with feelings, such as Bluesy, Lyrical, Soulful, Earthy, and Swingy, you need to do more than to simply pursue victory. If your performance deviates from the harmony with your band, you will fail to entertain the audience.


What's inside:

  • 35 Feeling Cards
  • 1 Spotlight Card
  • 1 Keychord Display Board
  • 1 Wooden Figure
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Leader Marker (by 2nd edition)
  • 4 References (by 2nd edition)


Saashi & Saashi develops analogue games in Kyoto, Japan.

Release 2015/11/22 | Saashi & Saashi | SAS-001


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Take the A Chord 『Aコードで行こう 新版』

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