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Ages 6+. 15-30 minutes playtime. 2 players.


Soulaween is the most lively festival in the Shinigami School! The name comes from the proverb "Soul to Win - Collect souls and win" circulated in the school. According to legend, an accident occurred in the Death School many years ago, causing the souls to escape. At that time, the Death masters and apprentices regarded the accident as a game to compete with each other on how quickly they can collect souls and solve this netherworld crisis. In this year's "Soulaween", Death Dad, Osiris, and Black and White will lead their respective trainees to gather together and once again compete with "collecting souls" under the witness of Teacher Vulture...!


Soulaween is a two-player board game that combines chess skills and character abilities. In the game, two players will play the role of Death trainees and must skillfully "play chess" and "turn over chess" on the soul chessboard. ", let the chess pieces of the same color form a straight line to collect souls. Whoever can collect three sets of souls before the opponent can win Soulaween!


Published by Play With Us Design, Taiwan.

Designed by Shi Chen. 


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