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Ages 14+. 20-30 minutes playtime. 2-6 players.


Samachar is a light-strategy card drafting game that was launched at MeepleCon, India 2023. You take on the role of a Newspaper Publishing company and play against your friends to be the best Newspaper Company in India. You draft cards and choose to use the same cards as either News Articles or Employees.


All players play simultaneously. Each player has 2 cards in their hands at the start of the game. They collect two cards from the deck. From the 4 cards, they play 1 card and discard 1 card to a discard pile. They then pass the remaining two cards to the player to their left.


You can choose to publish various types of News Editions: Daily, Movie, Sports, Regional, World or Current. The game ends when one player publishes 5 News Editions or when 3 News Editions deck run out. Be the first to publish the most number and types of News Editions and win.


Published by Kheo Games, India.

Designed by Deepak Muraleedharan. 


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