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A Family Strategy Game about Singaporean Flora and Fauna by Daryl Chow

Ages 8+ | ~30 minutes | 1-4 players


In Rainforest City, repopulate the Singaporean natural landscape by piecing together rainforests, mangroves and ocean terrain with native plants and animals to restore food chains.


Learn about biodiversity, ecosystems and the importance of conservation in this interactive strategy game designed for both families and board game enthusiasts alike! With competitive, co-operative and solo modes of different difficulties, Rainforest City is a game that challenges as well as educates. 


What's In The Box:

  • 174 Flora and Fauna tokens

  • 48 Flora and Fauna cards

  • 48 Terrain cards

  • 9 Starting Terrain cards

  • 4 Player Aid cards

  • 4 Fruit markers x 4 player colours

  • 1 Fruit Dial

  • 12 Objective cards

  • 3 Globe markers

Rainforest City (UKGE '23)

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