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By popular demand, we bring you the Garden City Seed Pack! It contains 28 country-themed puns-and-plants to grow in Plantopia! Originally available only in the Kickstarter version of Plantopia, you can now add these plants to your garden!


What's In The Seed Pack:

  • 2 Singaspore

  • 2 Dandemerlion

  • 2 Marina Bay Leaf

  • 2 StarChew of LeafbearTree

  • 2 Canadian Maple

  • 2 Toadstool in the Hole

  • 2 Kangerule Grass

  • 2 Eiffel Flower

  • 2 Dutch Champignon

  • 2 Picactusso

  • 2 German Empress

  • 2 Mango StickTree Rice

  • 2 Leafing Flower of Funghi Pizza

  • 2 Sakura Skytree

  • 2 sticker sheets

  • 3 quick reference cards


Download the free Print and Play addition, Ukraine Sunflower


Please note that this seed pack does not include the base version of Plantopia. 

Plantopia: Garden City Seed Pack (UKGE '23)

  • UKGE attendees have the option of paying for and collecting orders directly from our booth. Take the following actions when checking out from our webstore:

    Under Shipping:

    • Change your location to United Kingdom

    From the drop-down menu, select:

    • “UKGE '23 - NEC Birmingham”
  • Origame does not accept refunds, exchanges, or cancellations.

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