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Ages 5+. 10-15 minutes playtime. 2-6 players.


Panda, snail, turtle, and sloth are very late to their classroom. They race each other to get into the right line before anyone else.


Set Up
Place all 4 animal tokens to form a square. Then shuffle the cards well and form a face-down pile in the centre of those tokens.


Game Play
Starting with the youngest player, open a card and resolve the order of animals. Play continues with the next player in a clockwise direction.


Players who choose the correct animal will get 1 point each. If a player mis-chooses, that player will get -2 points. Players cannot have negative points, therefore the lowest point is 0. Whoever gets 15 points first wins the game. If there is a tie, all players continue playing until one of the players achieves the highest score.


Published by Wise Box, Thailand.

Designed by Songsit Phraephet.

Illustrated by Tum Ulit.


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