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A seed-grabbing, flower-nurturing card game about Singapore's native blooms by Daryl Chow

Ages 8+ | 20-30 minutes | 2-5 players


It’s always flowering season in sunny Singapore, and the race is on to see who amongst you has the greenest thumbs! In Oh My. Orchids!, cleverly and expertly gather seeds to plant different types of Singaporean flowers, from dazzling heliconias to delicate orchids. Simple to learn, Oh My. Orchids! will keep you coming back for its deliciously thorny decisions.


What's inside:

  • 12 Orchid cards

  • 30 Flower cards

  • 64 Seed cards

  • 5 Player aid cards

  • 1 Rulebook

Oh My. Orchids! (UKGE '23)

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