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Ages 8+. 15 minutes playtime. 2-3 players.


You are very busy preparing for a date that was suddenly decided. You want to be cute and fashionable, but you don't have any of those items! Borrow a lot of fashionable items from other people and aim to go on wonderful dates with as many boys as possible.


In マッチングフォーユー (Matching 4U), players will be dealt 8 cards each. They will draft their hand, 2 cards at a time, until they have 8 cards again. Players will then play tricks and determine the strength of their card from highest to lowest.


Starting with the highest strength, players will acquire one of the played cards and leave it face up in front of themselves for scoring at the end of the round. All cards have various set collection bonuses associated with them. You want the most diamonds, you want pairs of shoes, perfume will make your clothes score more, etc. The player with the most points after 3 rounds is the winner!


Published by Smart Ape Games, Japan.

Designed by Takanari Yamaguchi. 

Illustrated by Hachimitsu.


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Matching 4U

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