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Ages 8+. 5-10 minutes playtime. 2-3 players.


In the Forest features a compact 16 card deck in a matchbox that packs in 4 easy and fun games for 2 to 3 players. The 4 simple games are Fox-Mouse-Hunter, The Smart Hunter, The Liar Fox, and Hunter and the Bear. Toppers and die are not included.


Game 1: Fox-Mouse-Hunter

A card matching game where players predict the opponent's hand and issues cards that are compatible with each other. Look closely at the cards and cards in the field, and be sure to outwit your opponent.


Game 2: The Smart Hunter

Flip the cards to match and pair up natural enemies and prey. Since the location changes frequently, sharp concentration and memory are key to winning the game.


Game 3: The Liar Fox

A game in which you ask questions and hit the face down card first. Don't be fooled by the fox's lies. Ask questions and get information.


Game 4: Hunter and the Bear

A 'sugoroku' game where you gather fellow hunters and defeat bears faster than anyone else. Be cautious and bold. Going too far increases your risk.


What's inside:

5 Mouse cards

5 Fox cards

5 Hunter cards

1 Bear card

4 Rulebooks (EN/CH)


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In The Forest

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