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Ages 8+. 15-30 minutes playtime. 3-5 players.


In Hoi Pho, players try to gain Contracts by having the most money each round or by using Merchant’s skills. After 4 turns, the first player to gain a required number of Contracts is the winner.


Players play a card simultaneously and compare their reputations. The players who have the highest and second highest reputation will gain money while the lowest merchant triggers skill.


What's in the box:

  • 15 merchant cards
  • 15 contract cards
  • 5 ship cards
  • 5 player guide cards
  • 54 coin tokens
  • 1 rulebook (English/Vietnamese)


Singapore buyers may also choose to pay via Paynow. Please refer to the Peer-to-Peer Payment section for details.

Hoi Pho

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