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Ages 10+. 30-50 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


Harald has finally unified the different kingdoms and become the King of this powerful nation. With the newly established peace, the different peoples are going to war on a different battle field: one of intrigue and struggles for influence. Send your emissary to the King’s Council to win his favor so your village becomes the most prestigious.


Harald is a game of influence and majority. As the head of a village, each player will try to charm the most influential character of the realm to be noticed by the king and obtain his favor. But to win you will need to think and use wisely the abilities of each character.


Each turn, players execute 3 actions in order:

  1. play one card in the king's council
  2. play one card in his village
  3. draw cards

At the end of the game, each card in the village of a player counts as many points as there are of the same card in the king’s council.
Each character also owns a condition to score bonus points.


What's in the box:

  • 66 Game cards
  • 4 Help cards
  • 6 Scholar Expansion cards
  • 1 Scoring pad


Read English rules.


Published by Homosapiens Lab, Taiwan.

Designed by Rémi Gruber.

Illustrated by Emmanuel Civiello.


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