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Ages 8+. 10 minutes playtime. 2 players.


Gold Hunting is a 2 player game in which players compete to mine as much gold as possible from your opponent's gold mines. The competition starts with the preparation of the Gold Mountain. Take turns mining gold from your opponent's piles. The player with more gold at the end wins the game. To succeed in mining, you must declare and correctly guess "1 gold", "2 gold", or "3 gold". If you miss, the gold you've won can break down! Use the gold rush markers to your advantage for victory.


Video 1 - How to play Gold Hunting

Video 2 - Itten, Funbrick Series


What's in the box:

  • 1 screen
  • 8 1-piece gold ore
  • 8 2-piece gold ore
  • 4 3-piece gold ore
  • 3 gold rush markers
  • 2 rulesheets (English and Japanese)


Published by Itten, Japan.

Designed by Shimamoto Naotaka.


Singapore buyers may choose to pay via Paynow. Please refer to the Peer-to-Peer Payment section for details.

Gold Hunting | ゴールドハンティング

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