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Ages 14+. 25-30 minutes playtime. 1-6 players.


Are you eager to visit the tourist spots in Goa, the beautiful yet tiny state in India? What will you choose? Do you wish to visit only the beaches...or the forts? Or would you rather visit one of each type of destination? Or are you the one to complete your tour plans? Now you can enjoy the beauty of Goa in this roll-and-write game.


In Go Goa, you have twelve days to tour the state, collecting souvenirs from different tourist destinations. On each day, you select three dice to decide the direction, distance, and deviation in the route that you will travel, then trace a route to your new destination.


Published by Kheo Games, India.

Designed by Andy Desa, Suyog Kamat. 


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Go Goa

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