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Ages 8+. 15-20 minutes playtime. 2-5 players.


In Dice Fishing: Roll & Catch, during each round, players secretly bid how many dice they think they need to roll specific numbers (and sometimes combinations of numbers) to catch certain fish.


Players bidding with the fewest dice will go first, but fewer dice mean less chance to meet the requirement. If they failed to catch the fish, the player with the second-fewest dice will have a chance, and so on and so forth. When the fish cards are depleted, the player with the most points (hooks) wins the game!



  • 25 6-sided dice (5 colors)

  • 5 10-sided dice (5 colors)

  • 5 20-sided dice (5 colors)

  • 21 Fish cards
  • 5 Player screens


Watch video.

Read English rules.

Read French rules.

Read Japanese rules.


Published by Homosapiens Lab, Taiwan.

Designed by Satoru Nakamura.

Illustrated by Mamiko Taguchi.


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Dice Fishing: Roll & Catch

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