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Ages 10+. 25 minutes playtime. 1-4 players.


Come Sail Away! is a board game in which you will compete to board passengers upon your luxury liner, bringing them to their favourite cabins and facilities. Players can enjoy a deliciously thoughtful and brightly illustrated game that is simple to learn yet always challenging.


The aim of Come Sail Away is to guide passengers into your cruise ship as smoothly as possible, earning points in the process. In addition to earning points for filling each room on the ship, there are also bonus points for filling certain rooms faster than other players. Also, by guiding passengers with luggage to their cabins, you can advance on the luggage track, allowing you to place additional small cabins, gain additional passengers, and earn bonus points. As the game progresses, it is also important to think ahead and make sure you have room for passengers, otherwise you will have a crowd of disgruntled Passengers at hand!


What's inside:

  • 129 wooden passengers
  • 13 cardboard boards
  • 110 cardboard tiles and tokens
  • 60 cards
  • 1 plastic dock for passengers
  • 1 scorepad
  • Rules in Japanese and English


Saashi & Saashi develops analogue games in Kyoto, Japan. 

Released 2023/07 // SAASHI-AND INC. // SAS-010



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Come Sail Away! 『カム・セイル・アウェイ!』

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