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Ages 8+. 15-20 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


Travel around the world and look for glorious gems buried in the mysterious Wonders of the World! The colors of the Wonders hint at the types of gems that might be hidden inside. With careful deduction, a bit of memory, and a pinch of luck, you will collect the most valuable gems and become the legendary treasure hunter!


Colorful Treasure is a memory game with a fun twist of deduction in the tri-color card back. There are 10 different Wonders and each type of Wonder comes with 5 cards: 1 Diamond, 1 Treasure Chest or Key, and 3 Gems of 3 different colors, which are indicated on the card's back.


All cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table. During their turn, players choose to reveal 2 or 3 cards and collect one type of card(s). During the process, players deduce the identity of the cards from the colours on their backs.


Besides competing to collect sets of gems, player can also steal valuable cards or Diamond tokens from their opponents if they manage to get a Treasure Chest and Key!



  • 50 Wonder cards
  • 3 Award cards
  • 4 Play aid cards
  • 1 Best treasure hunter card
  • 15 Tokens
  • 10 Diamond tokens
  • Rules in English and Mandarin


Download Colourful Treasure on BGG

Download English rules

Download German rules



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Colorful Treasure

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