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Ages 8+. 30 minutes playtime. 3-5 players.


Take part in an auction at the sweltering fish market! The price is fixed, and it will depend on how much fresh seafood is on this edition. Store the picked seafood so that they do not spoil. You have to sell it at the right time to make a lot of money.




What's in the box:

  • 5 personal boards
  • 93 seafood cards
  • 9 action cards
  • 2 phase cards
  • 5 price tags 
  • 100 bills
  • 1 bell

Published by Playte, Korea.

Designed by Andreas Pelikan. 

Illustrated by Wanjin Gill.


Singapore buyers may choose to pay via Paynow. Please refer to the Peer-to-Peer Payment section for details.

Cash a Catch | 캐시 어 캐치

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