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Ages 7+. 15 minutes playtime. 2-4 players.


In Before the Guests Arrive, you do your best to tidy up a messy house for a party. Whoever cleans up the best wins!


Today we’re having a party! But everyone’s stuff is littered around the house. Before the guests arrive we have to straighten this place up. Grandma and Grandpa will pitch in, too, but the guests might show up at any time. Try to quickly tidy up more stuff than the others! Can each family member finish straightening up, and get ready to receive the guests with out any mishaps?


What's inside:

  • 21 Family Cards

  • 45 Stuff Cards

  • 1 Guest Card

  • 3 House Cards

  • Rulebooks (Japanese / English / French / Chinese)


Saashi & Saashi develops analogue games in Kyoto, Japan. 

Release 2022/04/23 // SAASHI-AND INC. // SAS-009



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Before The Guests Arrive 『ゲストがくる前に』

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