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Ages 8+. 10 minutes playtime. 2-7 players.


3 Second Try is a game where A) you have 3 seconds to decide who will be the challenger and B) the challenger tries the action in 3 seconds. You can be the challenger if you say the highest number at the 'Declaration Phase' of "how many times can you do XXXX in 3 seconds?" If the challenger succeeds, they win the round! In this game, 3 seconds is measured with a "3 Second Counter". It takes about 3 seconds for the ball to roll from the top to the magnet at the bottom.  


Video 1 - How to play 3 Second Try

Video 2 - Itten, Funbrick Series


What's in the box:

  • 3 second counter
  • 1 metal ball and 1 spare
  • 30 red action cards
  • 30 blue action cards
  • 1 master card
  • 2 rulesheets (English and Japanese)


Published by Itten, Japan.

Designed by Daichi Chihara and Masashi Ikegami.


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3 Second Try | 3秒トライ!

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