Wildlife Waltz

The monsoon season is finally over and the jungles are awash with excitement! All the animals big and small are eager to dance but are there enough habitats for them to dance in? 

In this 2-5 player game, players compete to build diverse habitats to host as many animals as they can for the Wildlife Waltz!

Wildlife Waltz


DEC 2019

Wildlife Waltz is a terrain-laying, flora-and-fauna-fitting animal-attraction game for nature lovers designed by Daryl Chow.

Hornbill Final.png

These whimsical animals, all real life Singaporean fauna, tell you what habitats they need for their ballrooms. 

What's In The Box:

  • 80 Terrain cards

  • 40 Animal tiles

  • 10 Goal cards

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Variant rules 


Manipulate the jungles, forests, mangroves and seas to build habitats for your animal friends. Form flower features to enhance your actions and your score! 

The player who can attract the best animals as well as arrange the best habitats will win the Wildlife Waltz!


Wildlife Waltz features the thoughtful illustrations by Singaporean illustrator @jangandfox